Saturday, September 29

Like it.. NOT!

Winter had passed and though how I love spring with all the beauty that nature brings, I can still feel and see the remnant of the cold and dry weather on myself, making me resent sometimes.

The four seasons should be pleasantly welcomed by moi who had been living in two season country all her life but sad to say, I don't.

Winter made my hair dry and now I have split-ends that can't be repaired or subdued by any high end conditioner. It made me feel dry.. my skin, my palm, my lips.. ohhhh.. not to mention my pockets.

I don't really have a beauty regimen, so how can I erase the neon effect and remnant? I buy skin care products but it will take ages for me to know or prove that it is really working or worth it considering my habit of applying them. Oh well! It just makes me frustrated.

And to sum it up... I dont like winter.. except maybe if it snow here. That will be another story.