Sunday, September 9

Sue Me!

We're living in a sueing society. The awareness of your rights is a must as well as being aware of any harm that you may cause intentionally or unintentionally for an act as simple as leaving your gate open or parking your car with the an inch of the rear out of your property.

We live in a free country but you are not free to express your creativity even at your own backyard. You must keep your guard and radar running almost all of the time.

We have a dam infront of the property which is a bit deep, can drown children if full. And it is sorrounded by fence even if it is in our yard. Why? Because of fear that children left by adult unattended might cross the street and wander in the property and get drowned, and it would be the property owner's fault not the negligent parent or guardian.

And in this environment, the legal industry is booming not to mention the sky-rocket fees. Good on the solicitors, lawyers, etc.

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