Sunday, September 2
My proud Daddy!

He shows me off with my new stunts to Nanna and Granddad and to all our visitors.

He carries me almost all the time when we're out.

He pushes my pram whenever he can, that is almost all of the time when we're out.

He has more photos with me than Mummy.

He's my Dad and we love him!
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Posted by Princess of CJ at 4:29 pm |


At 4:27 pm, Anonymous lady cess said........
ah father's day pala dyan? happy father's day to the ver y proud daddy! congrats sa inyo.

At 6:31 pm, Blogger Mich said........
aaawwww, what a sweeeet photo! I'm sure daddy is really proud ang cute, cute ni Baby Bubba eh!

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