Wednesday, September 19

First Ever Award

Wowowow! Mich had just given me, my first ever award in blogging. I am really happy and deeply honored. I may sound over-reacting but I never imagined I would receive any award for my writings. It warm my heart to know that there's somebody who appreciates my thoughts. Thanks Mich!

The award is "I love your blog" created by Tish and Mike at Blogs We Love.

And to spread the "love", I'm giving this award to those friends I've made through blogging, whose blogs I frequently visits and read.

Sweet, Sexy, Smart Housewife

Random Thoughts

Eat and Be Married

Life's What We Make It

When Silence Speaks

Mich, I'm giving you back the award because you deserve it too! :))


Anonymous said...

Era, thank you very much.

Been busy lately so i missed my daily habit of bloghopping. But i hope soon, things will get back to normal.

Again, maraming salamat...u too deserve this award.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Era! This is the second time I got this award, the first one was just last week.

Thanks a bunch! Will write something about it later on...

Anonymous said...

Uy!Congrats sa award mo.

Tagal pala akong di napasyal dito. How's your baby?

chuching said...

hi era! wow, i'm really really touched! thanks for this award!! ngayon lang ata ako nagka-award ever, hehe. thanks again! :)

dangkin said...

oi, tenk U! my first ever! he.he.he. madami pa kaya dyan? bakasakaling sipagin ulit ako =)

Mich said...

Yes Era, you deserved it! I'm really having fun reading your blog! :)

And oh, you're giving it back too!? Hihihihi...Again, I'm honored!! Don't know what to say...hihihi. :D

Thank you, thank you! :D :D