Saturday, September 15

The Way!

... to Mummy's heart, that is!

Ian woke up around 2 this morning for his feed. He hasn't learnt to sleep through the night yet.

He ate for at least 30 minutes and dozed off while in my arms. Thinking that he was already in deep sleep, I decided to put him to his bed.

But the moment his back touched the mattress, he stirred and opened his eyes. He didn't cry though. I rocked his cradle and told him to go back to sleep, to which he replied with his sweetest smile.. a smile that melts Mummy's heart.

What can I do?

I picked him up, played and talked to him for a couple of minutes and topped his feed up so he'll go to sleep. And he did eventually.

He's been doing his charm to me especially when he's tired playing by himself.

I'm afraid, he has me in his fingers err.. smiles.