Saturday, September 8

The Biggest Showoff

Ian was the biggest show-off for a 7-week old baby.

We had visitors last Saturday, MCJ's sister, C, and her daughter, M, who wanted a baby bump soon. They came handful - presents for Mummy and baby.

Ian had just gone to asleep after a long walk when they arrived. We want him awake but didn't intentionally do. Oh well, he eventually did after being passed around.

At first, he looked around at everybody's faces and listens to the voices. When M put him lying on her legs, he showed his exercises - punching in the air, kicking and cycling. C cooed him and he showed his big dimply smiles - smiling like he was a push-button laughing machine. Much to the joy of everybody when he was facing the camera, smiling.

MCJ showed his buddha look - sitting on his legs while C took several shots and Ian was just at his best.

C was amazed at how strong he is that he can stand straight on his two legs or one at times. He also pushed himself up when he was on his buddha position.

He was so alert and entertaining. He had everybody's attention and affection.

I reckon, Ian had known at an early age the art of entertaining and how to be grateful for attention bestowed on him as well as for the goodies he gets. lol

So far, that was the longest time (2 hours) that he was awake and not whingin'.


Mich said...

You must be so proud of Baby Ian! Galing ah, he can do a lot considering he's only 7 weeks! Haaay, i love babies talga! :)