Wednesday, September 19

Fax or Email?

I've known of the internet fax service before but I haven't tried how it works. This type of service was available in the company where I was connected before but never really bother to hook up my email. I was not really receiving much fax messages that internet based fax was not necessary.

I really didn't know who's the provider of the service to the company then. Now, I know a company that offered the same service, Metrofax.

For big companies that receive several fax messages in a day, the internet fax service would really be handy and helpful. It is paperless, so you're cutting costs of your supplies. The matter of confidentially could be a great factor in considering to acquire this service. If the fax number is just hooked on to one person/email, fax messages that contain confidential information wouldn't go astray. Add the simple way to send a message especially if the origin of that message was a soft copy. Printing wasn't necessary as well as going to the area where the fax machine was. It is really like sending an email. Presto!