Saturday, September 22

The coffee lover

MCJ loves to drink coffee.. errr, that sounds nice but really his habit of drinking coffee is no longer pleasant. He can drink as much as ten mugs of black coffee in a day. It has been his source of fluid which really didn't give him any as it makes you dehydrated. He's just simply addicted to caffiene.

I, on the other hand, can drink coffee but not really crave for it. I want my coffee white and sometimes give in to those with flavours. Recently, we bought an instant capuccino and a relly gave us an instant berry flavoured coffee, much to MCJ's disgust. I happen to use his tea spoon for my berry coffee and didn't rinse it then he used it to stir his. He was wondering where did he get the berry smell of his coffee. Instant coffee is really handy if you're always on the go but I it would also be nice to have a coffee maker, something like jura capresso because the coffee you can make tastes better than instant.


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