Thursday, December 22

Christmas Greetings!


This year, Chris and I have been very blessed. I cant remember vividly how we started the year but I am sure, we did set on our right feet.

There are lots of things that happened to our lives, to our families and to our friends.

The most important event in OUR lives happened. We tied the knot. It was more of a formality to our long-standing relationship. We wanted to partake the happiness that we share to our close friends and family. It also gave me the legal right to use PETERSEN as my last name. lol

An earth-shattering news from my family shocked us during Chris' birthday but it just made us more closer to each other and tougher to face the future that lie ahead of us. Ohhhh, that news was coupled by a gift that a new member of the family is coming.

Both Chris and my family have been through a lot this year but we've survived with the grace of God. We're still together and hand-in-hand weather the test of times.

A lot of beautiful things happened to our friends as well. There are those who tied the knots this year... and some gave birth to lovely kids. Some find their right one, some still search for their soul-mate.
And all these things happened with God beside us.

With all the bountiful blessings that we have received and to receive from God, we thank and praise Him. Everything would have not been possible without Him always at bay to give us a hand and makes things easy for us. God has been very good to all of us.

And during this season of the year, we are reminded of how good God as always. He gave us His only begotten Son to save us. Though everyday should be Christmas, this is the perfect time for us to reflect on what had happened the past months, what have we done... and be thankful for all the gifts that we receive. This is also a prime time to share love to everybody.

In behalf of our families, Chris and I wish you a blessed, happy and Christ-filled holidays.

God bless us always!