Thursday, December 22

Total Make-over...

Like my friend Dangkin, I got tired of earlier color of my blog. Yeah, I like pink but it was too bright that it hurt my eyes. Plus, I customized it adding lots of stuff that looks chaotic. And so I decided to have a total make-over while chatting to My CJ.

I chose my current style as it dont have variety of colors. Very simple. Plus I dont like the borders at both sides. Made my blog look small. Hehehe. I am already petite.. I want to create something big just to ammend my height. Hahaha!

I still dont like the bright orange on-top but for now, it will do. Will change it if I've found the right color that I like.

I have also changed the font as I dont like large and wide. Just something slim.

I will also think over if I want to add back the other stuff that I had in my previous template.

For now, I am a bit satisfied with the outcome of my make-over.