Saturday, December 17

party-busy week.. among others

yeah, its really a party-busy week. and i am indeed very busy... but can still blog ;) just unwinding though.

anyway, we had two parties this week. we had our departmental party last thursday, posted in the other entry, and our division party last night.

last night was fun also. though the place was so crowded, you can feel that everybody was having a grand time. there were presentations per deparment, games, raffle, the food were sumptuos, lots of laugh... a classic party.

i was late in going to the party because have to do some more setup in one of the companies' roll-out. this week, i was really bust and running with the office works plus with the personal stuff.

i am learning to stick to my schedule. i dont procastinate which is not usual coz i am a procastinator. ;o) i do what i can do today not leaving it for tomorrows'.

i hope i can go out of the office early today so i can wash my laundry. tomorrow will be shopping day for the presents. i have not started packing yet or even plan on what to pack. waaaaaa! i will be busy the whole week for the to do's in the office. need to finish my projects and leave everything in order while i am away. i'll just do my packing at night. no more partying and shopping anymore. hehehe!

but hey! i am ecstatic! Honey... we'll be together soon! mwahhhhh! just thinking of our comming union makes me relieved of all my stress.


dangkin said...

don't forget to pack the most important thing :-) have a handy list so you'll not forget anything.. have fun! ;)

Princess of CJ said...

i've started packing last night actually. i dont have enough room for everything. hehehe. the sign of being a woman =)

Princess of CJ said...

thanks btw =)