Saturday, December 3

lucky me and lucky you!

i went out of the office early yesterday. the plan was to go to robinsons mall to shop for the kris-kringle gifts. when i reached the ground level of our office building, i just knew that it was raining.. hummm, i hurried up stairs to get an umbrella. rob is just a few blocks away, so we just walk our way there. i was wearing a flat white sandals, and i tell you, i should not walk with open shoes when it is raining. all the mad will come up to my toes... waaaaaaaaa!

so there, i was already in robinsons... i drop by first at bench because my "baby" requested for a towel or a unique t-shirt for the final gift. and i am still looking for "something gold". then hop to rrj... there i have bought a red t-shirt.. it is unique for me.. hehehe! then, i proceeded to the department store in search for something gold ever. well, i have seen a yellow mug in the store catalogue inserted in the cosmo mag that i bought, so i searched for it in the housewares section.. luckily, i have found it immediately. (my "baby" like it)... i still have to look for another thing.. the token that i will give to my "mummy".. i already know who she is. i bought a three piece kitchen set with christmas theme... she's a mum... and fond of cooking. maybe she'll appreciate it.. i just dont know! hehehe. before i reached the counter, i have seen a nice blouse that will match well with the skirt that i bought recently.. so i tried it first.. and off i went to the cashier.

i was on the second level of the mall when i went out of the department store.. ohhhh, and i was searching for a white sling bag. i drop by to manels.. just to scout if they have the style that i have in mind... and whooaaaa! there is this sling bag that really caught my attention... its almost perfect to what i have in mind.. the color is just beige... its close to white.. hehehe! and it was on sale.. 50% off... well, if you're really lucky! so i also bought it...

i dont know what to eat for dinner.. (i dont cook and i live alone - what can you expect) I just bought a sandwich for to go... then i proceeded home. i reached the house around 8PM.. and ohhhh my! i forgot the key in the office.. huhuhuhu! now i am really not lucky!

well, i am surprised by my reaction. i didn't get pissed-off... maybe mainly because it was my fault.. hehehe. so i just decided to went back to the office to pick the key. i left my kikay kit in the office intentionally because i am just using a small bag and it was crowded. i dont want to carry an extra stuff aside from my bag when i am shopping. and my key was in the kikay kit... hummmm, talking of forgetfulness... hehehe!

i returned at the house in one piece after almost an hour.. hehehe! still i am in a good mood...i was able to wrap the giftst that i bought before going to bed.