Friday, December 23

Final Template

----- This post superceeds the previous one. -----

For a typical fickle-minded woman, sometimes its hard to choose from one thing to another. Another laborous story to stay with the chosen one for a long time. There's always an aspiration of wanting something different and new.

Now! I have settled to another template. No more solid and loud colors and very simple. It is tireless to stare at. That's actually my earnest desire for our blog.

Just few stuff will be added.. no loud colors.

Just minor changes.

Yeeheyyyyyy! Finally, I have made up my mind. And the pick always depics my personality and what I really want in my life. Complications are superficial and at the end of the day, as my husband had said, all I need are just the simple necessities of life.


dangkin said...

bizzare living??hmmm..
nway, ever solemn nga ang look mo ngayon.. glad you found what you like most :)