Friday, December 9


last night we went to quiapo. that was the second time that i've been there this week alone. well? what i did there? shopping.. of what? just anything. hehehe. mura kasi kaya masarap mamili. hahaha!

mind you, it was raining, just a typical non-stop rain making the streets so muddy. good thing i was wearing a closed-flat shoes so my feet dont look really messy. i was the laughing stock of my college friend because i am like a pregnant woman wearing flat shoes or sandals. ohhh well, it feels comfy. i might have varicose veins in my thirties if i keep on wearing high heeled shoes. =)

anyway, we were there until almost 10PM and so hungry but all the restos nearby were already closed. waaaaaaaa! so we just hop on a jeepney and drop-by to the 24-hours mc donalds close to the house. had our dinner there and walk our way back to our abode.

we were so tired. our feet were aching but if the stores are still open, we would still be there. hehehe. women dont get tired of shopping. some consider it as their sports. its a good exercise also. =)


why do i find bloghopping interesting? i like reading the posts of other people. why? well, its the curiousity in me plus the fact that i want to know the person that i am talking to online. the blog has been a journal of the every day lives for some people and you got to know them by reading their entries. i have frequented some sites of the pboz members. its fun knowing what are their daily course though not seeing them in person. and, because i just love reading. hehehe!


its only 16 sleep more to go and my asawa and i will be together again. yeheyyyy! chris and i are so excited and anxious for our union again.


the other day, chris told me that i am pushy, bossy, (i forgot the other word)... and said that why should i not stop and smell the roses. honey, its not summer here unlike there, where flowers bloom during these days.

but, well, i should really stop and smell the december breeze. its really christmas in every corner. though there is no single christmas decoration in the office where i am almost everyday of my life, with the cold atmosphere, its really christmassy. the wind is so cold outside and the weather is gloomy. but the people dont feel blue. it is always a typical filipino christmas. joyful, merry, full of laughters, nostalgic and eventful.

i also need to slow down a bit as i have lots of things to do at the house. the laundry for two weeks are not yet folded. they're glooming in my cabinet. hehehe. and another tall pile of laundry to do as well. when will it ever end? hehehe!