Saturday, December 10

my day of sorts

i just had my hair trimmed. i noticed that the split-ends are starting to attack.. need a rescue =)


i was a bit late to work today. i am not feeling well. maybe because of sleeping late these past days. i went home early yesterday but was so engrossed in watching the soaps. its been a while that i haven't watched tv.


went to robinsons mall for lunch. well, we're already at the mall so we make use of it by window shopping, fitting the cropped pants, blouses, shoes, etc. eventually, we have found shoes for sale.. there were 50% and 25% off. i decided to buy the pair with 25% off, the color is black and they're plump to be used for the semi-formal dresses. well, when we're about to pay i asked the sales lady, if how will the cashier know that the item is for sale, she said, there is a tag price at the bottom of the shoes. so i checked and i was surprised to found that the shoes that i have chosen is 50% off. now, that's really a great blessing. i am also blessed!


the orphanage, joyful children foundation (i am not sure if i got the name right) visits the office and the kids entertain us as their way of caroling. they're very talented. they can play the small guitar (what you call it), they can sing, they can dance, they can do acrobats and they dont have inhibitions. i really admire them. they're blessed!