Friday, December 23

Unfathomable Feelings

Almost everybody who knew that I am leaving tomorrow for OZ, asked me if I am excited. And my usual answer is, I dont know. Yeah, right! Am I for real? Well, I just really cant understand how I feel. If I know, I would say it.

How do I really feel? Just normal. I am not cramming for to dos in the office, knowing that I will be away for a long time, neither for packing my things and leaving everything in order at the house. I dont feel the usual fast heartbeat when one is excited. I feel relaxed, maybe, with the knowing that I will be together with My Honey soon. That thought alone makes me wild inside and relaxed at the same time. Pretty conflicting hey. =) Well, those are the words that I can put to my emotions.

But, I got to wake-up at the wee hour in the morning for the past couple of days and cant get back to sleep easily. Maybe, because I can hear the mass in the church. Or maybe, that's the sign that I am excited because various un-relevant thoughts came into mind.

Ohhh well, whatever you may call to what I feel, all I know is I am happy and ecstatic that I will be with Hubby soon. Waaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Now I am excited. =)