Thursday, January 14

Dare and Be There

Yes, I dared to drive to work today. Not that I chose to but because I have to go to the customer site and it’s not accessible by public transport. I finished in the middle of the day. Instead of going home to work from there, I decided to drive to work for the first time. For experience purposes.

I got there with not much drama apart from missing my turn in going to the customer and have to drove all over the place. If the GPS could talk back, I could have gotten a tantrum.

Yeah, I have a GPS and I still got lost. Imagine! I know what you’re thinking but it did fail to remind me to turn left. I’m at the mercy of that little thing.

But no worries – nothing that needs anti wrinkle creams. These are just some of the little mishaps that I have to went through in becoming a road worthy driver if you may call me that.