Sunday, January 3

Start of the Trip

I went to work the day before we drove off to Sydney so I didn't get much time to prepare during the day time. Plan was to sleep early as we're going to have an early head start. We did but it cost us sleep as we got to sleep around 9PM.

Anyway, we left at 2:30AM. We just had coffee and muffin and we were on the road. There were very few traffic so driving was not a big challenge.

I thought, we were really prepared but along the way I realised that I forgot the bring my confirmation letter from RACQ for our roadside assistance. We just became a member last month and my ID hadn't arrived before the trip. Good thing I brought my laptop with me and I got in the bag the letter for verification. We thought, it would be enough incase something happened to us (you wouldn't really think how important things such as roadside assistance such as from until you are in deep). Thankfully, we arrived back safe. Praise the Lord.

We stopped thrice to fill our tummy and have some caffeine injection.

It was rainy in somepart and visibility was almost none, not to mention a two-way single lane street - it all makes it very dangerous.

Travelling is also made more fun when you have a smiling toddler at the back seat.

After more than 13 hours on the road, we arrived safely at our hotel - wanting to go to sleep.



Amelia said...

hi Era! nice to hear from you :) from now on I will visit your blog :) keep in touch!

regards to your family and Happy New Year to you :) all he best for 2010 :)