Monday, June 27


composed by My Husband (Chris Petersen)

In those God hath invested,
He shall not loose one;
who're understandingly prepared to take the plunge,
and do the bidding of His Son.

For they who believe in God's Word,
beyond a shadow of a doubt;
seek those lost in the wilderness, and help
them find the only way out.

Of they shall come an hundred, fifty
ten, or maybe just one;
gathering those that are lost, to the flock of Christ
God's only begotten Son.

For there is more rejoicing in Heaven,
to the gathering of these ones;
than for all of those that went not astray,
from the flock that these foundlings do come.

Because the mass of God increases, as one
joins the body of Christ;
and so all in Heaven celebrate, singing
praises of sheer delight.

Light comes not from darkness,
nor does darkness come from light;
if thou art filled with the Light that the Love of God brings,
thou art truly a blessed sight.

We are all, each out of sintax,
in err, way over our head;
when we repent and believe in Jesus Christ,
it's paid with the Blood that He shed.

CHRIST is God's only begotten Son, and
I to Jesus have truly come;
AN, another word for being one,
and so a CHRISTIAN I've become.

Finders keep us,
in our Lord Jesus;
Jesus keep us,
as your reapers.

May God through Jesus Christ save us all. A-MEN.