Monday, January 29

In the recently concluded Australian Open tour, Roger Federer, for the third time bagged the championship title. I think, it wasn't easy for him to win, though, he was the next man to win the championship in three sets straight since 1972, against Fernando Gonzales. The latter who has the strongest forehand in the tour and had beaten Rafa, Haas, Hewitt, to name a few. I reckon, Gonzales is the Roger F of the next tennis generation, after Roger F reign. ;)

Oh, I just like the man for his great attitude on and off court.. the reason mainly why he is well-loved by the crowd.

Just found this baby photo of Roger. He's adorable.

*Photos nicked here.
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Posted by Princess of CJ at 3:30 pm |


At 4:28 am, Blogger dangkin said........
yar..yar.. =)

i don't know why i really don't admire him...probably because he's emotionless when he's on court? he looks like a robot to me :( or maybe i'm just one of those "you can't please everybody" thing? whatever it is "i can't get it on ebay"...hi.hi.hi.

At 9:01 am, Blogger Princess of CJ said........
i think, being poker-face in the court is one of the tactics so opponent dont really know what's your next move... and a sign of maturity too, not throwing tantrums. but recently he's been showing some emotions though, like reprimanding himself if he's committed an unforced error, thanking the crowd, etc. anyway, to each his own naman. hehe.

but i just cant help to admire great talents and characters.... a very humble star i "know".

At 11:53 am, Anonymous cess said........
hehe, hindi ko siya kilala, pero it seems to me siya ang pinaglilihian mo :D

At 11:57 am, Blogger cess said........
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At 11:58 am, Blogger cess said........
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At 12:05 pm, Blogger Princess of CJ said........
@ cess, hahaha! hindi ko naisip yon ah. hindi ko actually alam kung ano at sino ang pinaglilihian ko, what i know is mahilig akong kumain esp tropical fruit (green mangoes and water melon). so far, malabo pa sa akin yong sinasabi ng ibang nanay na may specific na pinaglilihian. :))

kung si roger f man yon, im sure my hubs wont object because he likes the man too. at sana totoo yong lihi-lihi na yan, at maging world champion dn ang anak ko kahit in any fields. ;))

btw, roger federer is the number 1 male tennis player in the world. he's from switzerland and he's just 25. a very talented and good-natured man. o yan, binenta ko na sya sa yo. hehehe!

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