Tuesday, November 21

Saying Goodbye to Spring

You are an independent spirit who can't help but do things your own way. You just see the world differently. You have unique ideas when it comes to beauty - you find it in places that others forget to look. Winter is as fun for you as any other season. You find joy and excitement in your own way during this season. Unlike most people, you don't find gray skies and cold weather dispiriting. If anything, you enjoy the bracing chill. Spring is a time of exploration and growth for you. The changing of seasons makes everything new and interesting again. You enjoy seeing the world as temporary, always in flux and evolving. Spring reminds that nothing remains the same from day to day.
We are on the last leg of spring in Down Under. It has been rough ride, weather wise as we had rain that lasted a week or so. We also had hot days. We have seen shades of purple Jacaranda. The Carnival of Flowers in Toowoomba displayed varieties. My yellow Dancing Lady orchid are in abundance. Some people enjoy spring - the colour, the fragrance and generally, the atmosphere. For some though, it is a nightmare. Hayfever and other illness are triggered. If you find yourself in this predicament, prevent poison ivy rash with www.buyrhustox.com or head to your local chemist.