Tuesday, January 30

Filling Lunch

I just had my lunch and it really filled me. It was sort of like a breakfast meal.. but I didn't have a brunch kasi I had my breakfast between 7 and 8 this morning. I fried the left-over from yesterday rice, 'yong simple fried rice lang.. with salt and oil, then I fried the already-cooked slice of silverside corned beef, 'yong malutong na pagka-fry and fresh tomato. Yum! I ate them na nakakamay lang, kaya feel na feel ko ang pagkain. While I was about to fry the rice, sabi ko di ko ipapa-fry lahat. There were more than two servings but then reconsidered because I dont want to fry some again later. (Btw, I like it fried if "bahaw" na yong kanin.) Yon pala, hindi enough yong one serving ng rice for me. Mahirap naman kung bitin ang pagkain. I have some left-over here beside me, but I am planning to eat it again after this post. Hehehe. Natatakam talaga ako. And I eat more while reading or facing the computer. If I am just alone here at home, I already made it a habit to eat in front of the computer or telly kasi nakakawalang gana kumain alone, db? But if you're doing something, you are not aware that you've eaten the whole lot already.

These days, if I am not out with Hubs or surfing the net or watching teevee, you can always find me at the kitchen making or cooking something. Kahit simple recipe lang for an amateur and still-learning-to-cook me, it's a big accomplishment if I had cooked a meal and it tasted like what I expected it to be. :)) Pregnancy makes me love to eat and of course cook, which I enjoyed. (Btw Cess, I made the peach jam na yesterday and I think, it tasted yummy - that is for me. There's nobody here to try it kasi my Hubs doesn't like sweet on his bread. But I just made enough for myself and I already put some of it in pikelets instead of honey. - Thanks really for the heads up.)


I felt really bad after Hubs left this morning. After breakfast, I went out to water the plants and he was getting his stuff ready. I expected him to leave just as soon as he finishes but he didn't. I took my time in tending to the plants and I just knew when I was already finished that he was actually waiting for me to go with him. I thought, I made myself clear yesterday that I am not going out with him because I am experiencing an uncomfortable pain in my lower left belly. I don't want to aggravate it by sitting in the car the whole day. Anyway, after sending him off, I vaccuumed the office to make up for not going out with him. But, it really made me feel bad... you know the feeling that you want to go with him but you just cant because you feel sick? Haaayyyyy!


Mich said...

I can still remember when I was pregnant I can finish 2kilos of lanzones in 1 seating! Would you believe that? That was the cause of my GDM :( takaw ko kse. I hope you're not into desserts lately. Ako kse I've never like desserts until I got pregnant.

Oh, btw, did you have your pre-natal checkup already? :)

Princess of CJ said...

wow 2kilos of lanzones? dami noon ha! i liked sweets in my first tri kasi it dont leave a sour taste in my mouth after eating but i just eventually forgot about it. im into iced water naman ngayon after eating anything. i feel bloated sometimes nga.

buti hindi ka nahirapan manganak because of the GDM or did you get rid of it before giving birth?

i had my glucose test, series of urine tests and my first ever trans v ultrasound na. everything went well naman except for UTI which was easily remedied. im sure, i'll undergo the same tests soon to avoid complications in giving birth. btw, i had a very low sugar level when i was not pregnant.. as in below normal.

gracita said...

wow, naiinggit ako sa fried rice and corned beef! :) i miss cooking tuloy. haven't cooked kasi in a while. "dieting" kuno kasi kame dito.

don't fill yourself too much though, baka mahirapan ka manganak.

Princess of CJ said...

hi gracita, if you've lost the unwanted pounds na, you can always go back to cooking and eating moderately. ;))

sabi nga ni hubs parang baby dw ako, feeding time ko is every 2 hours pero i didn't put on weight pa naman. ill just control my food intake na cguro when im on my 6 months. hehehe. i just want to enjoy the food the miss in my first tri. ;)

KD said...

wow fried rice & cornedbeef sarap hehe, yan ba ngayon ang pinaglilihian mo? Goodluck =D

dangkin@gmail.com said...

can't relate na me syo, ers..iba na kasi language mo-pregnancy! ha.ha.ha. tama nga cguro si grace, don't fill yourself too much at baka mahirapan ka manganak..

anyway, you still have 5 months [tama ba?] to go... im getting excited for you!

don't worry too much, i know chris's understand your situation..

ingat ka lagi.. :)

Princess of CJ said...

@ kd, i think so. paiba-iba ang gusto ko araw-araw. hehehe. iba pala pag preggy. ;))

@ dangkin, im just eating moderately pero dapat very often else if i get hungry and had some wind in my tummy, i'll throw up. so its really a catch 22 situation. im not putting on weight pa naman, lets seet if 6 mos na si baby. hehehe. yup, you're right... baby is now 4mos. thanks ;)

ann said...

Alam mo isang fruit na nagustuhan ko noong naglilihi ako sa bunso ay yung kulay red na "granada" yata tawag sa atin. Maliliit na buto, medyo matamis na maasim, sarap paputukin yung laman sa dila...hahaha! pag buntis daming weird things na ginagawa.

Princess of CJ said...

tama ka nga ann, daming weird things na ginagawa. if you'll look back later cguro, d mo maisip na yon ang gusto mo. hehehe

btw, hindi ko kilala ang granada, nagsearch pa ako sa yahoo. hehehe. tsaka tinanong ka pa dn asawa ko kung alam nya. unang isip ko bignay. hehehe. pero hindi pa ako nakakita noon sa atin. subukan ko nga maghanap pag-uwi ko. ;))