Thursday, February 1

A Unique Wedding

It is already wonderful that she's an environmentalist by heart by not owning a car but it is more amazing to know that she walks her talk even on her big day. What a true blue environmentalist?!

One of the story that can change the world. A nice and timely read now that the effects of global warming are felt everywhere.

The carbon neutral wedding

While some brides dream of a white wedding, Danielle Cole, of Sydney, was intent on ensuring her big day was as green as possible.

"My fiance, Angus, and I are very environmentally conscious, so we tried to find a venue close to public transport and we didn't use disposable plates or cutlery."

But, unbeknownst to Danielle, her friend Madeleine Lyons, who is also director of environmental group Climate Friendly, went one step further and arranged for the wedding to be climate neutral.

"It was such a great gift. We were so excited when we were presented with a certificate at the wedding," enthuses Danielle.

To neutralise carbon emissions from the wedding, Madeleine first calculated the volume of greenhouse gases created. "Basically we found out how guests were travelling to the wedding - by car, plane or bus. We also factored in the electricity used at the wedding and the emissions created from transporting the food to the venue."

Overall the wedding produced a huge 21 tonnes of carbon emissions - and about half of these were generated by one flight from London.

To offset the greenhouse gases, about 25 guests contributed $10 each, which went towards clean energy projects - such as wind farms. Essentially this meant that the guests were funding projects that would prevent the same amount of fossil fuel emissions as the wedding itself.

"Our friends all know that we're very conscious of the environment," says Danielle. "I'm not religious but if there's anything that guides my actions it's the environment. I don't own a car and I always catch public transport, for instance, so this was really the perfect gift."

Story from here.

I couldnt stop wishing that we all could be like them in our own little way.


ann said...

Parang yung debut dati ni KC (sharon's daughter)she didn't ask for gifts from the visitors instead they put donation box para sa bantay bata . Mas ok di ba share your blessings to the less fortunate.

cess said...

kakaiba, pero very nice. it takes people with big hearts to do something like that :)

Princess of CJ said...

@ ann, yup i remember KC's debut. ilan lang sila sa mga may ginintuang puso. ;))

@ cess, i couldn't agree more cess.

Mich said...

wow, ang galing naman! kaka-bilib! ;)

Princess of CJ said...

oo nga mich eh. first time kong makabasa ng ganito, esp if its your big day. ;))