Friday, February 23


one sleep more to go and i'll be off to the Philippines again.

haven't done any packing yet.. my stuff are all over the bed. ;)

i might be, might be not, in hiatus in the blogworld while im away... depends on how busy when i get there.

but im not soo looking forward to this long trip. hope i get to sleep.. how i wish i'll be arriving to bacolod not to manila and not making another trip on the next couple of days. ;(... oh well, just look forward to the feast of food.. it'll make the flight bearable. :))

will keep you posted!

happy weekend!


cess said...

medyo mainit ngayon dito era, kasi summer na, so baka medyo uncomfy ka kasi preggy ka. pero di bale, makakasama mo naman ang family mo at saka you can binge on pinoy food :) so that should make the heat bearable :D ingat sa biyahe!!

dangkin said...

so, that means i have no more chatmate :(

enjoy your stay with your family and hope you'll be online again, soon...

gracita said...

hi era!! i'm always naiinggit when i hear people going back to pinas for vacations. i think about my friends, family and ofcourse, the foods!! hehe.

take care and hope we'll enjoy reading your posts soon! :)

Surfergirl said...

hi era! awww pauwi ka na pala. ako papunta palang. ingat ka sa biyahe. when will you be back?

ann said...

Ako rin inggit...hehehe. Ingat ka ha kasi nga buntis ka, pero good for you din kase medyo magiging donya ka dun, unlike dyan na kailangan maglinis at magluto para kumain. Ingat lalo sa baby.

Mich said...

oh, you're going back home again!? wow, how many days are you staying here? take care and enjoy your trip!! :D

Leah said...

have a safe trip and do enjoy the food! take care. :)

Princess of CJ said...

hi friends! thanks for all the messages. im back, just today!

i enjoyed the food; the weather [nognog ako ngayon ;))]; the company of family, friends, etc; and the atmosphere.

btw ann, hindi ako naging donya doon kasi bilin sa akin ng asawa ko mag-aral daw akong magluto so minsan try-try kunyari.

will update about our trip and baby soon!