Tuesday, March 20

Magnificent Castle

Looks familiar? This is Neuschwanstein Castle [New Swan Stone Castle], constructed by King Ludwig II of Bavaria, Germany... which inspired the design of the Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland. The inspiration for the Cinderella Castles at other Disney parks is sometimes incorrectly attributed to this.

This castle was built as a retreat and as a homage to Richard Wagner (musician), the Kings inspiring muse.

It is said to be also a candidate for the new seven wonders of the world.

A place not to miss if you're visiting Europe, indeed!


*find it so wonderful for such a great architectural piece to be constructed in a perilous site
**post inspired by the travel show which was aired last night


Namaste said...

hello fren,

i like yr blog very much and am interested in blog so that i have also blog


plz check and comment me ok fren.

Anonymous said...

nakabalik ka na from pinas? im sure you enjoyed your vacation!

im not familiar with the castle but it looks awesome. mukha ngang sa fairy tale :)

Ers said...

@namaste, thanks for the visit. i'll visit your site after tinkering my skin. :D

@cess, medyo matagal na akong nakabalik but not too inspired to do some blogging/bloghopping. :(

noon ko nga lang din narinig ang castle na yan sa show and it really interests me. so far, magaganda naman talaga ang mga architectural structure noon.