Sunday, February 22

Driving Update

I haven't been driving using our own car as it is really big for me. Mcj is I think, scared while I'm behind the wheel and him being a passenger. But, I still continue my lesson with an instructor every weekend - that I always forgot if he changed the time (I sometimes think that PDAs are invented for people like me).

D said, I'm getting better and I am ready for the practical exam. It is required here to hold the L permit for one year before you can apply for the P license but there are exceptions - work, taking kids to school or daycare, etc. All I need is an excemption letter and application for it plus approval and I would be behind the wheel with an examineer. Hopefully, I can pass it.

I don't have a lesson next weekend and I'm looking forward to a free day. Hahaha. No pressure, really!


ART'S WIFE said...

all the best with getting your Ps! :) i'm sure you will be just fine.