Tuesday, February 3

Crappy Day

It’s one helluva of a day for me today.

Mcj didn’t let me drive to the train station this morning as I might miss the train. There’s not enough time. I usually drive way below the speed limit, so I take more time travelling. I have at least a couple of minutes waiting time when the train arrives. I met my sister-in-law so we had a chat and sit beside each other.

The train was supposed to be express from Petrie to Bowen Hills stopping only at two stations. One station after Petrie, the train stopped and the driver announced that there is a short delay due to a signal light failure ahead of us. The waiting game lasted more than an hour. We moved out of that station and after a couple more, we stopped again because of the same fault.

As if that stuff up wasn’t bad enough, the train stopped at every station instead of going express. Then, instead of it continuing to its suppose destination, it stopped at the depot so I have to change train. Grrr.

I was late for at least an hour from our normal office hours but I usually arrive early.

And of all days, QR chose to stuff up on the day of my first meeting with the client that I will be the lead consultant. They surely know the perfect timing to rain on my parade.

I missed half of the meeting and I will be home later than usual tonight as I have to make up for the lost time.

But I am not angry. I don’t need Chanel watches to cheer me up. It’s just one of those days.

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