Saturday, January 31

Australia Day - Skywatch

The sky and weather last Australia Day.

We delayed leaving for the beach because it rained real early in the morning.

Jens in the car on the way to the beach - with Aussie flag tat.

This was the weather on the way. It didn't look a promising day but we still went. If it rained, we will be wet anyway.

Mcj is always a back-seat driver.

This was the mood when we got to the beach. Very sunny and humid.

It went that way. I was glad.

Mcj and Jens having a dip.

At some point, the sky looked like this. I was blinded. :)

And this was the atmosphere just before we left. It was a fun-filled day.

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Louise said...

Looks like the day couldn't be more perfect! said...

I could use a day at your beach right about now. Our weather is the exact opposite! Enjoy it while it lasts!

chrome3d said...

A day at the beach in Australia looks like a lot of fun. Happy Australia Day (little late perhaps)!

Anonymous said...

hi sis, belated happy aussie day! Jen is getting cuter and cuter each na noh! He sure had lots of fun at the beach.

salamat sa bisita, sis!

ART'S WIFE said...

great photos sis! looks like you and your family really had a lot of fun. :)

Unknown said...

your photos made me miss queensland..cairns specifically! cute ni jens !