Friday, January 2

Happy New Year

Some of us may have made New Year’s resolution. I didn’t because I don’t do it anyway. Besides, if I deemed that there’s something that I need to change in my life, I don’t need New Year to do it. I’ll do it as soon as I know it’s necessary.

This year, we went to the Square Dance New Year party. It was my first time to see people do the squares while dancing in real. I saw in Mcj’s face that he really missed dancing – and how he loves it. I’ll encourage him to go back dancing this year, now that our schedule gives us leeway to relaxation. Being just a spectator, I had fun so was Jens. We all had fun. I might learn how to do it this year.

Yesterday was a lazy day for us. We slept-in until 10am and as it was a very hot day, 34 degrees, we stayed indoor most of the time cooling down. Our electricity bill might have sky-rocketed as the AC was on almost 24 hours continuously.

2009 looks so promising and interesting for us. We have so many things to look forward to. Planning is not really our cup of tea but Mcj and I have been talking some future goals and how to accomplish them. I am not into horoscope predictions but today, I checked both of ours (out of curiosity) and they look positive.

Jens is turning two this year. Oh, how fast the time flies. He’s proving to be not a baby anymore. Matter of factly, he is getting quite ahead of his age – attitude wise. We are already facing an interesting world of terrible two. Boy, is it really fun! Not!

Happy New Year everyone! May all our wishes and prayers come true.