Monday, January 12

Last Weekend...

I feel so burnt out. I didn’t do anything extra ordinary last week to cause such a slug in me. But I borrowed 24 books last Thursday and I got excited so I read until late every night.

As usual I had my driving lesson last Saturday, put one load of washing and cook dinner. Apart from that, I stayed mostly cuddling Jens or lying down.

Still my back was aching.

Sunday, I decided to wash our linens so I had 3 loads of washing. I told Mcj, I am not going to cook for dinner. Lunch was chicken and salad from the deli. I was so stressed that I snapped at Jens and Mcj several times.

Late afternoon, we decided to go out though I wouldn’t mind to stay home – the first time for me to feel not wanting to leave the house. We bought me the L sign for the car. (Yes, I’ve been practise driving for more than four months and I haven’t got the L sign yet.) While at the auto shop, we decided to buy a steering wheel cover and seat belt comfort pads.

Then, off we went to feed the ducks at the park. Like the last time, Jens help himself with the ducks’ bread and we didn’t brought much – next time, I’ll bring the whole loaf. It was fun experience when the ducks were getting close, and the pigeons, and the turtles – they eat bread!

Oh, it broke my heart to see Jens’ envious face while looking at older kids riding their scooters. He gets the same face looking at the people riding bikes. The next time we’ll go to the park, we’ll surely bring his bike.

It was a nice afternoon, not so hot so we went for a walk around the park. Jens didn’t want to. He just wanted to be carried around so we played a “monkey game”, which he loves. That encouraged him to walk and run sometimes but I couldn’t let him wander around by himself as there are ponds everywhere. He’s so fascinated by water that he would jump if not told not to go near the banks.

Jens also had a bit of rides at the playground.

Since, no hot meals wait for us at home, we dropped by the Italian Restaurant to have dinner. As usual, I experimented with my order and didn’t really loved it but it was nice.

Jens went to sleep right when we got home and slept until 10pm. I was able to do some house chores and relax a bit. I forgot my aches and pains. I think the time spent at the park helped.