Wednesday, January 14

Happy Driving

I was able to drive our 4 wheel-drive car from the house to the train station this morning without drama. Yayyyyy!

Mcj affixed the L sign that we bought last Sunday to our family car the other day before he picked me up at the station but I only drove then from the start of our street to the house as I left my glasses in the office. My L permit has a condition – for me to wear glasses or contact lenses when driving. Yesterday afternoon, Mcj picked me at the station first so I can drive from there to the centre to pick up Jens. We talked that I won’t drive when Bubby is in the car. But I think, he has a bit of confidence to me that he allowed me to drive up to the house. The only major drama was me not slowing down at the corner so I turned wide. And he was also like an instructor – prompting me if I forgot to indicate or when I’m not slowing down when I have to.

Although, I’ve been practise driving for more or less four months now, driving our car in the public road is a big achievement to me as it is a huge car for my size. It means I can handle a big car as we sort of changed our plan of buying me a small car to trading in our 4WD to a permanent AWD that is a bit smaller that we both can drive.


Sreisaat said...

Congrats, Sis! What a great achievement! Ako, I could never drive in Phnom Penh eventhough how supportive my husband is of the idea. Kulang sa confidence kag madali ako mag-panic, plus the fact that the traffic here is nothing like there and the rest of the western world. hahaha. I do drive though but only in Kep where there are few vehicles and less kaskaseros on the road. Other than that, I'm a happy passenger :)

Anonymous said...

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