Wednesday, January 14

Becoming a Techie

I am not a techie person. I just happen to join the world of technical professionals because in my previous life, I was part of a team that implemented a new ERP system – one of the biggest in the Philippines. It was also during that time that my biggest accomplishment in my career happened – implementing two new modules which were the first in RP. Those qualifications amongst others convinced my employer here to hire me to join the world of bugs. Lol.

Last week, I was asked by my boss to test the new build of our system and do some regression testing as well. What in the name is regression testing? I wouldn’t have a clue. So I scoured the net, which is my saving grace always. I found this funny facts from
Why It's Called Regression Testing

No one knows.

You'll hear all kinds of interesting folklore about the term being borrowed from statistics, or the system somehow "regressing" from somewhere to somewhere else, but none of that makes much sense - and it adds to the confusion.

We'd all be better off it they'd called it something descriptive like "Side Effects of Changing Things" testing, which even has a pronounceable acronym, SECT. But it's too late for that now.

We're stuck with it . Great concept, weird name.

This morning I was not busy so I asked my colleague (who’s my mate in implementing our system to a new client) if he has something for me to work on. He said, none at the moment. A few minutes later, my boss came over to give me some work. Boy, was I thankful. At last I would be busy.

Indeed, very busy that having a break is a welcome change. Since, it’s all techie stuff that I’m tackling now, even I’ve only read a couple of documents I already experience information overload. I’ll start my testing tomorrow when my mind is fresh and free.

For now, I’ll just have to read customisation specs and how scanner is used in our system.