Monday, June 22

Andito Na Kami

The P’s are back from the Philippines. We’ve been here for... actually, but I am still on holiday mode. It’s really nice to be away from work and from our daily routine but sadly, we have to get back to reality.

The holiday was fun, fun, fun, fun. We met lots of family and relatives but not as much friends. There was not enough time to do everything planned. What with a toddler in tow, half of the time that we were out was spent on changing nappies, watching fountains, riding the escalators, looking for kids-friendly restaurants and amusing a monster.

I had my dose of Pinoy cuisine that will last me hopefully a year although, I haven’t eaten everything that I wanted to. Again, with two Westerners (and a quarter Chinese and a quarter Italian) in my company, there wasn’t much choices. No need for me to buy diet pills online as, if I have beefed up, I will be glad of it.

I will share more stories and photos as soon I have completely unpacked.