Saturday, June 26

Thirteen Things

Random things I did or happened to me this week:
1. I went to the shops on my lunch break to buy Jens’ outfit for their country dress up day.
2. I washed linens in the middle of the week.
3. Went food shopping on Thursday night on my own.
4. I window-shopped today for (not for Asus) shoes and bags – only because I didn’t find any that took my fancy.
5. I finished reading the book “Natural Born Charmer” by SEP.
6. We saw a dead crow in the drive way of Jens’ day care.
7. I got really really mad at Jens that I smacked him on the bottom – naughty me, I know.
8. I ate my first strawberries for the season last night.
9. I bought lunch at Maccas twice so I can get toys of Shrek the third.
10. I was able to watch soccer when Australia played against Serbia.
11. I haven’t been online at home until now.
12. I saw the movie “A Room with a View” for the first time.
13. I spilled coffee to the keyboard attached to my machine so now I have to use the built-in.