Saturday, July 10

Biggest Pairings

I'm the kind of person who will watch a crappy movie over a good one if I know the actors in the first one. Actors always influence my choice of movies - maybe, because I'm a loyal fan. Or it could be something like I can relate them to their movies that I've seen. Whatever.

With the showing of the movies Knight and Day, here are some of the biggest pairings in Hollywood movies.

Yeah! I like Australia but it's not the type of movie that I will over and over again.

I recently bought Pretty Woman and rented Runaway Bride last Tuesday.

Well, I don't see much of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan's movies but I do like them. Better than reading apidexin reviews.

To celebrate the reunion of A-listers Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz in Knight and Day, MovieFIX takes a look at the biggest A-list pairings of all time.