Saturday, July 10

Books I Love to Read

This is the last book that I've read of the author Susan Elizabeth Phillips. It's a rom-com book but not like the others. What set all her books apart are the building up of characters, the pace and spontaneity.

When I read her books, I feel that I can relate to every character. Everyone is a lead on its own. Although, there are main characters, the rest are given their own fair share of the story. The books are always long -almost 500 pages that it is inevitable to put down but because you have immersed yourself to the characters in the story that you can't forget where you've stopped. You can follow up. I have read almost all of her books and I think, she can't write fast enough because I'm wanting for more (funny if it's weight loss pills, eh?).


Mich said...

seems like a good read. will try this too :) thanks for sharing! :)