Monday, December 27

Your Life's Path is Gold

You seek companionship and good times. You love being around your friends and family members more than anything else in the world.
You believe other people are the key to living a happy life. In return, you provide them with good company and true friendship.
You are charming and outgoing. You have big personality that others don't easily forget.
You love luxury and high quality goods. Luckily, you are quite successful and good at making money.

What Color is Your Life's Path?

Blogthings: Our Quizzes Weren't Written By Bored 12 Year Olds

How's everyone's Christmas? I'm sure happy and filling - what with good company and good food, nothing has to be asked.

Mcj's brother and son came down here for the Christmas. It's been so long since they last saw each other so it was a welcome break.

It was a big happy family reunion of the sorts - not the same with what should we have back in the Philippines, but it was enough. No karaoke machines to amuse us so we played Canasta, and it was fun.
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