Wednesday, March 15

Autumn in Queensland

The past two months that I have been here was really very hot unless there’s a storm and it was summer. The summer here is the season when there were considerable numbers of storms. And Autumn had just started by heavy rain for a week. That was the week that I have to stay in bed reading or just lazing around.

Autumn is normally the time when the leaves of deciduous plants fall and for some country it is called Fall, just like in the song… winter spring summer or fall. =) I don’t really know what marked the Autumn season here as I will only be experiencing it for three weeks but N, my sister in-law said, it would be sunny and hot during day time and a bit cool at night time for three weeks.. and for the rest of the three months, it would be cool at both day and night. Ain’t it a cool weather. Well, sorry for me as I won’t experience it. Maybe, some other times. Hehehe!

These days, the day has also shortened and much like in tropical countries where the sun shines before 6 in the morning and sets after a few minutes from 6 in the afternoon. Beautiful flowers that bloomed in summer were all gone. Leaves turn to yellow then orange… then red.. and bang! Hey I am floating in the air. =)
I could not really complain on the atmosphere at day time. It is just around 32 degrees centigrade but not too hot on the skin. It is a bit cooler at night though. My mother in-law was too concerned of me not having a warm shirt or cardigans to warm me, as CJ had just instructed me to bring summer clothes before going here. Lucky, I brought one jacket with me. It was actually for the cool atmosphere in the plane. She even called my sister in-law N, when I was at their house, if her kids could lend me jumpers. Soo good and thoughtful of her. And when I came to have dinner, she handed me a couple of cardigans.

On the side note, this entry has been long overdue as Autumn had already started two weeks ago but alas! I have not posted anything about it until now. The lines that go with it have been playing on my mind for a fortnight also. The reason mainly is, I am trying to avoid visiting the blogosphere as we don’t have virus protection in our computer. We didn’t really know how Norton disappeared but, I just noticed one afternoon that the computer was bugged-down and after restarting it, the Norton didn’t load. CJ had to restart it again and even had to do system restore dating a week before but to no avail. We usually disable Norton while playing on-line poker and that one afternoon, CJ had just left it that way. Maybe, it was hacked or a Trojan virus attacked it. I don’t really know. The PC is running 24 x 7 unless there’s power black-out, so we’re also on-line all the time that the PC is up. When I knew about it, I was surprised because it is not energy-saving thing. But CJ said, he’s saving time because it usually takes time to restart the PC. Ironic, hey! We can’t find the CD for Norton, so we can’t re-install it. Pretty efficient way of keeping things… not finding it at all. Hahaha!

Maybe, CJ will find the time to look for the CD when I am back in the Philippines. =)