Wednesday, March 15

I will miss my soapies

My time here in OZ is quickly running out. Only one fifth of the hour-glass remains. But I am not counting. The days will just passed-by as they were for the passed eight weeks and probably more exciting and happy for us. But one thing is for sure, I will miss watching my favourite soapies. But of course, missing CJ is second to none and unquestionable.

One of the entertainments that amuse me here is watching soapies from Monday to Thursday which, I don’t religiously did back in the Philippines. And these days, watching soapies is getting frustrating because they are getting more exciting and thrilling but they are just showed once a week. Hummppphhh. You need to wait one whole week to know what will happen next. Thanks to the sneak peek sometimes.

But the good thing is, soapies are shown late a bit. When I say late, it means between 8:30 to 9:30 in the evening. This gives CJ time to play poker before dinner, gives us time to have dinner and have shower sometimes.

I am not a TV fanatic back then but maybe because I have nothing much to do here and it is CJ and mine’s another cuddling up time, I made this soapie habit. Aside from the fact that these soapies are really interesting. My soaps marathon is Commander in Chief on Monday, Dancing with the Stars (not a soapie though) on Tuesday, Prison Break on Wednesday and Lost on Thursday. Friday and Saturday are movie nights and Sunday is detective-like shows. Huh! My nights are pretty hectic. Hehehe!

I requested CJ to record my favourite shows every night after I leave for the Philippines. I just hope he had the patience to do, first, indeed record them, second, make one tape for each show and change it every night before starting to record, and third, religiously record them until each show has ended. I would be very happy if he can do it.

So far, the response I got was a bit vague. Let's see if he'll do it. =)