Wednesday, March 15

Strip Poker

CJ had been playing on-line poker for a long time now. I thought, he would stop for a while when I am with him, but I was wrong. He still play and had even taught me how to or should I say, I have learnt while watching him. Now, I am a good poker player. Why good? Because I can even beat him sometimes and I always won in tournaments. I don’t like loosing though so I really played conservatively until I had chips advantage.

Poker is always played in mornings while drinking coffee, at lunches while eating sandwich or just any light meal and before dinner time or sometimes after dinner when there’s no good movie or soapie on.

Well, last night was a different one. We decided to play poker while watching the tele. And what is more exciting was, it was a strip poker. Talking of being naughty. Hehehe! CJ and I have $25 chips each and if you lost all of them, you can buy another $25 with one piece of your clothing and after stripping two pieces of them, you have the choice to drink vodka or strip the last piece.

As the cliché goes, early winners are late losers. The first hand that I had was a double-trouble, a pair of aces, and I won. It was followed by two consecutive winnings. That made CJ stripped his two clothing and drank one shot of vodka. Well, he opt to left his last clothing on his body, as he knew, I will be very naughty and bad. Hehehe. But as the game was getting exciting, Lady Luck was no longer on my side. I had to strip three clothing. I didn’t drank vodka as full of the shot glass would sent me to the floating and dizzy world. =) I want to stay sane for the remainder of the game. The game was really exciting that we ended up in a steamy duel. I bet you know what I mean. Hehehe!

Ohhh well, what a hot and exciting night it was! Lady luck, flop, turn and river will surely tempt us again. =)