Wednesday, June 4

At Last!

... nakapaglaba din ako.

It had been raining for more than a week and I was scheduled to do my week's laundry last Wednesday but it rained. So imagine the pile of dirty clothes we had. Two weeks laundry. I did three loads of washing - one yesterday noon and two today. The last batch was not quite dry but I picked them off the line as they'll get misty from the draught. I'll put them out the sun tom.

Wala kasi kaming dryer. In our state, we don't really need one except when it rain for more than a week. Our fresh clothes are running low but we can still get by for another week. I am more worried with the mould to attack those damp ones especially the towels.

I've told Mcj several times since last weekend that if the rain won't stop soon, we need to buy a dryer. So when the stars came out Monday night, he told me right away that I can do the laundry the next day. Takot baka mapabili kami ng dryer nang wala sa oras. :)


Bella Sweet Cakes said...

Me too,, tamabak ang labahin....
My electric bill will soar high because I load my dryer 4- 5 times a day,, max of 2 hours each load.. Imagine that!!!!!!

I've got 3 children and they change alot!!!

I hope its going to be a good day tomorrow.. SUNNY day pls...

Ers said...

hi joy! surely your bill will soar with the loads you've done with your dryer.

it's sunny here now. hope its the same there. :)

thanks for the visit.