Sunday, June 22

Our Weekend

How's your weekend everyone? Ours was busy though not anymore. We are now relaxing infront of the pc while Jens sleeps away.

We had a pretty hectic Sunday. It is the 1st birthday of Jens' mate, H and the party was in the park in Bribie Island.

We haven't bought a gift before today so we went to the shop around lunch for that purpose but of course, who wouldn't be tempted to browse around. We actually did some shopping (for me). We got carried away from hopping from one store to the next that it was already 1.30 when we noticed the time and we haven't had lunch yet. Plus the "we don't have a gift yet" moment. So I hurried to the bookstore to grab some books and off we went to buy take-away and eat in the car on the way to the party.

As if we were not running late yet, we bumped into the ex-neighbour of Mcj at the parking lot. Blah blah blah.

Finally, we got to the party. It was very simple. What can you expect on a 1st bday party? Here, anyway. But the little boy had fun.

Though apart of me was somewhat worried when I see the news about a typhoon back home. It was said here that it was Southern Philippines so I thought, it was in Mindanao. Later, I saw Iloilo in the footage and it got me more worried, especially of my family. It is at times like this that term life insurance of the breadwinner is a must. This may sound odd, but I'm actually relieved that the place of my parents was not the center of the typhoon. But my heart aches for those who are affected particularly those in the ferry that capsized. It was just horrible.


Unknown said...

hi sis, how are you na? btw korean food is tagging you here.

thanks and have a nice day!