Monday, July 28

I Ramble...

I know, I know. I've been a slack in blogging. I haven't updated this blog for a long while. Nor have I visited your blog recently. I have a very valid excuse err.. reason. Yeah. My Little Tatapilla. Now that he has started walking on his own, it's too hard to leave him on his cot. He wants to wander around the house, visit every room - including bathroom and toilet. When it is sunny, he likes playing outdoors - pushing his trike and bike or just watching the birds. Sure, he plays on his own but when left on the floor he gets into every mischief possible - pulling the wires including those of like CAT6 cables, pulls everything, plays with the remote controls, climbs on anything and whatever comes to his mind. I tell you, I have more time in my hands when he was just a happy jappy lying on his bouncinette than now. But, I am not complaing. My boy is really now a big GUY. And he is just such a delightful little creature that you can imagine.

On the weather side, it's getting colder and colder her by the day - a little over 10 degree. And according to the forecast, it will be this way for the following days due to glacial crash something. This is something new and first to me here in down under. Everyone is getting sniffles.