Wednesday, July 16

To The Pet Lovers

I was not big on pets before. We do have dogs, cats, chickens, pigs, and birds when I was growing up but I really didn't take care of any of them. Sure there were times that I had to feed them but that was the most that I did. No more tender loving care. Nor caring much for them at all. Now, I have a different tune. Though I don't give Lucky (our cat) TLC, I care for him. I sometimes feed him when Mcj is busy or not around. I pick up his food from the supermarket. For me, that's enough effort to show that I care and love him.

Veering off from that, if you are a pet lover there is a website that you can join and meet people with the same interest as yours. Isn't that interesting? I know that there are people around your neighbourhood that have pets but joining a pet social network will give you more access to information about your pet, some tips and even develop a friendship - in a wide range aspect. Plus, joining in zootoo means supporting a group that gives assistance to pet shelters and rescue group. It's joining for a cause.


Anonymous said...

hi sis, jst dropping by.

miss your visit to my blog. :)

tke care and love t jen. :)

Unknown said...

i used to hate pets. but graveh, i got married to a pet-lover kaya naman heto, i learn to accept them. hehehe...

btw, i've got an award for here.