Sunday, August 17

L for

losers.. hehehe. That's Mcj talking.

It's for Learner's, I would say. Yes, I now have my L permit - got a perfect score when I took the test. :)

But I haven't hit the road yet. No time to do it plus no car that would be small enough for me to drive. Have yet to buy one - maybe soon. Mcj might just surprise me one day. Hehehe.

When I got my permit, he said one terrorist will hit the road. Hahaha. He doesn't have confidence in me to be a good driver as I can't even manage the strollers properly.

Well, let's see.


Anonymous said...

congrats Era! :)

btw, i've tagged you:

Mich said...

congrats girl! naku, same tayo i can't manage the stroller well too! LOL! :)

Unknown said...

congrats sis! I also want to get a driver's license but hubby doesn't allow me. Maybe he's afraid that I would also ask him to buy a car for me. hehehehe....


sweetytots said...

congrats and goodluck lakasan lng yan ng loob.. i started driving when i was 16..

can i add you in my blogroll.. hope you add mine too

Anonymous said...

vroom, vroom! hehe