Friday, August 8

Online Diva

Mich, thank you for this.

{start copying here}
The button is a Flair created by Litzie!

1. Post the button in your blog.
2. Please link back to the person that gave the button to you.
3. If you have more than one blog, please post this to all of your blogs so your other blogs can be listed to the master list too.
4. You need to pass the button to at least 4 people that you think are also divas in any way.
5. Come back here and leave your post url so you can be added to the master list and help increase our rankings.
6. Please add to the list below a reason why you love being online all the time.

Reasons why I am an Online Diva:

1. Litzie - It helps me pass time when I’m at work and don’t have any patient to attend to.

2. Kathycot - Because it serves as my past time plus it gives me moolah for my kapricho’s

3. Joanne - It keeps me awake at work and of course, extra ka-ching!

4. Dzoi - Because I’m an Internet Junkie. I just love everything about the Internet. I can work from home, find clients all around the world, get updates on old friends and meet new people.

5. Aggie - Im an online diva because the internet has given me a life outside staying at home. It gives me enough to add to the money we have. It has given me a hobby I love so much

6. Mich - I love to be online. Just like Dzoi, I can work from home, blog, and even earn too. It’s also fun having online friends and community. I can also shop online and at the same time grab some freebies for my hobby.

7. Happymum - Internet has given me answers to those questions that I can't find answer from books or magazines. It has generated me extra income, gained more friends, created me hobbies, keep me in touch with my friends, retail theraphy (at times when I'm checking out modern furniture and keep me sane when the going gets tough.

{end copying here}
I'm tagging wirelessbliss, arlene, mitch, eds and idealpinkrose.


Mich said...

thanks for playing along girl!

arlene said...

hi sis, thanks for this. ive done this last week. :)

idealpinkrose said...

hi sis, thanks for tagging allinkorea...will do it soon!

have a good evening!