Monday, March 2

A Grim Weekend

For lack of a better word to describe how I feel or most of my co-workers, I use the word Grim.

We were called in an un-scheduled meeting this afternoon by our managing director. Not everyone was invited. I thought because we need somebody to man the fort. When everyone was seated in the boardroom, he dropped the bombshell. They are letting go two of my co-workers. Just like that. No more preliminaries or warning or sign or whatever. It was very abrupt. We were dismissed before the message even sunk-in – well for me that is.

One of the retrenched employees was from our team. We didn’t see any sign at all. We didn’t see it coming. It was just sad.

My first thought was, it should be me. I am the newbie in the group, apart from the two developers who belongs to the Dev Team.

The reason we were told was, the company can’t afford seven people in the dev team and I think, it has something to do with revenue generation.

I feel a bit responsible for losing my team-mate. You see, I’ve been doing some testing on the new release system which was her task. One time, she even said, that she might not be needed at all in the future.

I have something to mull over this weekend apart from considering if I’m going to buy some Luminox watches for presents.


snage said...

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idealpinkrose said...

nakadalaw din dito sa wakas...musta na?