Tuesday, March 31

Last Day

... of the month, that is. Time flies so fast. Where has the three months of 2009 gone? I suppose I am so busy that's why time flies so fast.

Nothing much happening on the family department. Same old. Same old. Oh, I have some exciting stuff to look forward to in December aside from "Christmas". We've booked a week holiday to Sydney from Christmas Eve to New Years Eve. Yay! (Clap clap - what will Jens do.) We are ditching Cairns as the days that we want to go there is "stinger season". Not good. I would be busy organising our itinerary when we get back from the Philippines.

On personal note, aside from being busy at work, I'm also busy shopping for pressies. Not finished yet.

The most exciting part is on Jens development. He is a parrot now. He can say a sentence and can mimick a word that he just heard once. We try to be careful with what comes out of our mouth. I have so much to tell but for now it will suffice to "he is now a certified toddler and in the terrible two stage although he's 4 months shy". And it's not easy. I'm bracing myself of what to come. He eats non-stop too. If he's an adult, I might think of getting him an appetite suppressant. He is a bottomless pit.