Monday, March 16

What Can I Say?

I’ve been working hard lately that when I got home, I am very tired. I’m in the middle of a project and as a first time lead consultant, it is taxing.

I can’t wait for our long awaited holiday to the Philippines. Less than three months to go and we’ll be off. Although on the organisation and presents side of things, I want the days to last. We’re not even half way yet. Good thing, I don’t have to book to several hotels (like New York City hotel) as most of the time we’ll be staying with my parents’ place for Jens to get to know them a bit as well as my nephews and niece.

With my driving lessons on weekend, doing household chores, having a rest and taking care of The Tatapilla, slotting-in time to shop for pressies is difficult. I think, I would need to schedule Mcj to take care of Jens one Sunday so I can go to the shop alone and accomplish more.


Anonymous said...

Hi sis, kmusta? Napadaan lang to drop you this tag -

Hope you can do this when u got time. :)

Happy week-end with your boys!