Friday, September 18

Brisbane River Festival

And so we went to Brisbane River Festival. It was first for Jens and I. We were pretty in time for the roulettes. It was the last time for the F1-11 to perform as they are being de-commissioned.

It was a record breaking 65,000 people flocked the river bank to see the fireworks and the planes’ exhibition.

We got there a bit early for the fireworks but we didn’t mind as the atmosphere was just so merry, it was fun just being an on-looker. Jens was a bit tired but it was just brushed off with lines like “I want to ride”, “I want to see changing lights”, etc. The ladies sitting next to us on the group were smitten. They had the turn their heads every few minutes to check on him.

The fireworks were spectacular. One can’t get enough. The buildings around the city have all come to life - maybe Panama City hotels look like them, also?

It was a long night but well spent.